CHGS Commemoration: Outreach Program

IMG_20160501_outreachProgram_2The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, as a partnership of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District, Muskegon Community College and Shoah Commemoration, provides the opportunity for Muskegon County High Schools to send a groups of students and a teacher to study the Shoah from a particular theme and to hear from a survivor in a more intimate and conversational setting. This was held on Monday, May 2 at MCC between (:00 am and 2:30 pm.

Dave Lux was the guest presenter, and David Klemm Social Studies Department-MAISD, and Sarah Wyocehoski, Fruitport teacher were the facilitators.

This program began with Ruth Weber, a child survivor from Hungary, and was with various school groups in 2009.

After evaluation the CHGS-Muskegon developed the present format and has welcomed several survivors:

Miriam Brysk from Lodz Ghetto and whose father was a doctor and escaped to the forests of Belarus where they became part of the resistance;

Miriam Winter, whose father gave her into the hands of a gentile and then she in fear gave Miriam into the hands of a total stranger on board a train;

Gerry Manko, who with his family, eventually escaped from Germany in 1939 and was one of the few thousand Jews to immigrate to the United States because of rabid antisemitism (Jew-hatred) in the U.S. State Department and a complacent Congress being lobbied by so called “patriotic” societies but were driven by the same antisemitism. (Gerry died two years ago);

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